How to start playing music

If you see that your son or daughter has fingers for the piano, it is good to know that they also have potential for the guitar. Please note that not all instruments are ideal for beginners in music. A youth orchestra director and a teacher and music producer give their advice on choosing the right instrument and not getting too frustrated along the way.

If your daughter is following the beat of a song on the radio very precisely, beating the table with her spoon like a drum, does that mean that she is talented, and to deepen her skills you should buy him a battery? Or if your nephew at school plays the metallophone really well, will it be time to buy him a piano?

Which instrument to choose for beginners

Sometimes the appearance of a musical instrument can be a turning point in a child’s artistic life, opening up a whole universe of expression, discipline and exploration. But in others, if the instrument or the timing is not right, it can cause frustration or rejection in the face of a complex and delicate object. Indeed, some instruments require a technique and a logic difficult to guess or to decipher.

“It is natural that if a child, who seems curious or interested in music, is given a complex instrument, this interest will gradually diminish if there is no adult accompaniment”, In these cases, a help, either from parents or relatives who know the instrument or from a teacher.

The recorder

The recorder is too associated with the school routine. However, it is recommended to discover an instrument. In other words, it is easy to play, and allows girls and boys to experience it on their own.It gives them the opportunity to show possible musical talent or curiosity.


In the field of exploration, there are many varieties. Normally, in early childhood, boys and girls are interested in percussion toys. And in kindergarten or in the early years of school, they usually have access to metallophones and recorders. In both cases, care must be taken to ensure that they are well constructed, that they are of the best possible quality. Because if the first musical experience of a child occurs with a poorly calibrated instrument, which has a disagreement, it is counterproductive. Indeed his sound universe will be built with the bad reports. In other words, he will learn badly ”.

The electric keyboard

Many musical virtuosos believe that the electric keyboard is an excellent instrument for starting music.
It appears that it is one of the most complete instruments.
Without being too fancy, you can do percussion, harmony and melody. With it, it is very easy for children to develop many different musical skills and abilities.
It has three octaves, i.e. the diatonic scale (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do) is in three tones so that there is more field and space. through which to explore. In addition, due to its size and simplicity,
the Polynesian ukulele.

The Polynesian ukulele comes highly recommended.

It’s easier to use than a guitar, and more user-friendly. It has fewer strings (four) and another tuning, but it’s a good approximation of an instrument of this type. A good ukulele is not expensive. There is a model of the Kala brand, called Waterman, which are made of plastic, waterproof, very light and sound great. Speaking of strings, what about children’s guitars?

The guitar

They can be used to explore but this requires an adult who knows how to supervise and guide the child. Many of those that are designed for children are generally not of very good quality. Trying to imitate sounds with it will not be successful.

Good experience with children’s guitars is an electrical device that works without problems. Hanging it over your shoulder, plugging it in, and listening to the amplified sound that comes out of it “kind of strengthens them, it gives them a lot of energy. This one manages to refine and fulfills its objective.

The 3 octave piano

They are inexpensive, there are some very inexpensive and some more elaborate. Either way, they’re not too expensive and very good to get your hands on. You don’t need to plug it in or put batteries in it, and at the same time, the child can easily know which note he is playing.

A few decades ago when there was a minimum age for children to play certain instruments. In the field of classical music, it has been accepted that boys and girls can play instruments from the age of 4.
The industry also manufactures versions for them, smaller, stronger and cheaper materials like PVC, but that sound great.

What to do when the discovery phase is over

When the exploration phase is over, that is, when the child shows signs of not wanting to continue moving forward on his own, it is time to “take the step towards a specialist teacher. It may not be within the reach of every pocket and every budget. Many municipalities have a program of youth orchestras or musical workshops. They are free or inexpensive, and children do not need to have advanced musical knowledge.

And if my daughter learns to play “The Song of Joy”, am I in front of a prodigy or is her talent ordinary?
What to look at is something else. It may happen that a child becomes obsessed with an instrument, plays it constantly and improves on his own. This is a very good sign to put it in class and maybe invest in a better instrument.

To discover new musical inspirations, nothing better than going to a music festival.

Where to play piano in Brussels

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