Premium 12-Input Mic/Line Rack Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamplifiers, British EQ's and Multi-FX Processor


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  • from Alkad Mzu
    November 09, 2015

    totally hang with the best of them

    the rack mounted low profile mixer can totally hang with the best of them. I run 4 wireless mics, a hybrid telephone interfacer, ipod, and wired mic; feed it to 4 QSC blah blah speakers- cant remember the model numbers... I have no issues providing a lightweight/ portable PA setup for 300 plus people auditorium.

  • from DrBeary
    August 10, 2008


    I'm not a big Behringer fan but over the years I have used quite a few of their products. Most are lacking to say the least but a few are surprisingly good deals for the money. This little mixer I find to be the latter of those, surprisingly good for the money. I noticed the bad reviews so I needed to add, this mixer works great but only for certain applications. I would agree that this might not be a satisfactory choice for a rock band or home studio but for a small meeting room, theater or church, it works great. If you are looking for a bit of reverb for backing vocals the efx are OK but they are certainly nothing to write home about. If your application has you singing to tracks or your music situation consists of only a keyboard and/or acoustic guitar with a vocal or two, this unit should work fine. We used this unit for one of our company's installs where it was hidden in a small custom wall rack where the rack door is actually a framed picture. Because of the size and type of room use the mixer is usually in a set and forget situation so with the rack door (framed picture) closed, no sound system is evident in to room. If you are looking for a small mixer for a similar use that can be hidden in a small rack, you should consider this unit if you are on a tight budget as it delivers quite a bit of bang for the buck!

  • from Mikee57
    March 28, 2016

    Amazing mixer for the money

    Amazing mixer for the money

  • from Jack Bosarge
    June 09, 2016

    Five Stars

    Sounds good + handy in rack.

  • from mottness
    April 22, 2015

    Five Stars

    no problems so far seems solid

  • from Michael Anderson
    December 03, 2015

    Five Stars

    great product and delivered fast.

  • from H. P.
    March 07, 2013

    Great mixer for the money!

    We installed this for our gym sound. So far highly pleased. The effects are fun, especially for a gym. Would buy again!

  • from Dave S
    December 23, 2014

    PERFECT small gig or monitor mixer

    This is exactly what we needed for a compact mixer. We used it as a monitor mixer and chain the mic signals to the main board. This thing feeds our in ears and gives us great sound in a tiny space with minimal mess. Sound is excellent and for the price there really isn't anything like it. This is the third Behringer mixer I've bought in a pinch and the third time I've been extremely happy.

  • from Emily Joy Cassayre
    December 06, 2015

    Five Stars

    Working great for my low end rehearsal space...

  • from javier
    March 18, 2014

    Price is great.

    Beringer is quality products. i am happy with it. I only wish that the on and off button was in front of the mixer and not on the back, so it is hard to reach.

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