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1,000 Watt Powered Column Loudspeaker with a Dual 8" Subwoofer, 9 Neodymium Drivers, KLARK TEKNIK Spatial Sound Technology, Digital Mixer, Remote Control via iPhone/iPad and Bluetooth Audio Streaming

iNSPIRE iP1000 Reviews

4.6/5.0 based on 20 customer reviews

  • from Malik T.
    February 14, 2016

    IP 1000 is a baby beast. Awesome PA.

    Although music listening can be very subjective in terms of judging the sound quality, sometimes bad sound is just obvious to not trained ear. I had a entry level Yamaha receiver and although descent for movies, I was not really satisfied with it for just music. I was looking for something easy to setup to use as my main stereo system and for DJ-ing. I looked at Bose L1 compact and then one day I saw the IP line announced. The price announced was crazy. But I decided to take a plunge and preorder. I received it last Feb. 9th with a big smile on my face. The waiting was over. After the installation (child play), I started streaming from Google Music and wow!!! What a punch. Even my wife who really does care about my gadget wowed with me ;-). I streamed some heavy bass music, some smooth jazz, vocal music and African musician like Youssou Ndour and Richard Bona. What I can tell is this baby is nice, elegant and space saving with less wiring. I will recommend it to anyone who want all in one PA system without breaking their bank account. Good job Turbosound. And my sale person Brian is great. Thx sweetwater.

  • from Customer
    February 18, 2016


    This is the first review I have ever written online, and I have purchased all different types of gadgets, devices, what have you... This is the best bang for your buck you can get. 600 for a rock solid, crystal clear, easy to use, all in one. For the person who couldn't get Bluetooth to work: That is on your end, not the P.A.'s end. Within minutes of turning the system on, I paired it up with my Galaxy, and instantly Spotified. It works like a charm, and am in fact, listening to it right now. Sweetwater Reps are 5 Star as well

  • from jim g
    February 20, 2016

    Inspired by Inspire ip1000

    Finally, after waiting such a long time on a waiting list for this unit to be in stock at Sweetwater, which is no fault of their own, I got an email as "is in stock." The reason I was looking for a vertical array in the first place is, I play an EWI wind controller with mostly brass and woodwind patches through a Dynasample Expression synth with a seven piece band. I'm the only horn player playing layered stuff using a regular small keyboard amp on the floor with an out to the pa, which I felt didn't have the presence of sound as a real horn section would be standing up and blowing their instruments. I figured I go for this. I received my new Inspire 1000 a couple of days before I had a gig. Mike Godlove whom is my contact at Sweetwater is an "Ace" got the unit to me. The unit came well packaged and undamaged. The unit is very nice and well built. Unpacking wasn't bad and I was up and using it with its blue tooth capabilities in under 20 minutes. At first, I was under the impression the top array was in two pieces. It is not. It is over 4ft.long and kinda awkward to get used to carrying and placing on top of the sub unit. Although it is light. I think definitely two pieces would have been better. I guess I'll get use to that. The vertical array has four long alignment pins which connect down into the top of the sub. Once aligned they go in very snugly with very little play. The lighted display and buttons to enter and exit modes and settings are nicely lit and getting to sub menus is intuitive. Most adjustments are made with a nice knurled knob . One problem I see that will people will have to address, is protection. I like to protect my stuff from abuse. Would have been nice to come with appropriate sub cover and array carry bag. Even though the sub has a very durable rough epoxy finish, the vertical array is made of metal which could dent or scratch. I was kind of leery taking the unit on a gig as it is. So I took bubble wrap and shipping tape and made a protective cover for the sub that I could take on and off. I purchased a padded ski bag for the vertical array at Level nine. The unit is 134 cm I purchased their 137 cm junior ski bag which fits but is very tight to get in. I'm having a custom cover made for the sub unit from Custom Amp Covers. Transporting to the gig was not bad. The sub has a nice hollowed out hand grab which is comfortable to grip with a nice balanced feel. I had to carry the unit a good ways on this gig. No problem at least for me it wasn't. The padded ski bag I bought has a shoulder strap for transporting which made it easier for the array. Setting the unit up was quick, no wires other than power and one input. The place we played holds about 150 people and that place gets literally packed - and it was. Ceilings are about 10ft throughout We set up in a small area . Seven guys packed into a 10x14 alcove and on the same level as a small dance floor in front of us surrounded by tables and chairs. The unit was set in the back corner of the alcove against a brick side wall which was good for me but the bass player who was behind me could not hear the other band members very well so I pulled it further front and to his side as much as I could which helped. I used the blue tooth connection for regulating volume after coming from my volume pedal which worked great because getting back to the unit in that tight space was difficult. I had made all my settings adjustments first which included position placement, equalization and venue which are built in before placing the unit up against the wall. Working with the volume pedal and pushing the volume to about 3/4 of its potential the unit stood up to the push and sounded clear on brass and saxes even harmonica and flute with no distortion blending with two guitars, bass, drums and keyboards. I like a lot of breathy sounds which came through on this unit. The unit seems to have a great bottom end . I wanted a little more shrill so I turned the sub setting down a few numbers and kicked up the high. Our sound man said it sounded great out in the crowd. I used the unit as an amp and monitor which worked well. I could hear clearly from behind and used volume as needed. I usually direct out from my amp through to the pa to a soundboard to compete. I didn't on this gig and only used the Inspire 1000. The other members of the band said that's the best sound they have heard yet coming from just that speaker as set up. I must agree it is a nice unit for our typical jobs. I think I'll keep it. Can't beat the price. The competition will take notice fer sure. Thank you Mr. Godlove for not forgetting me about when it was in stock. And thanks to Sweetwater, a great place to deal with.

  • from Jim
    February 27, 2016

    Amazing an Affordable

    I got my iP 1000s after a long wait. After playing around with it for a few weeks I am "Loving It" I have owned 2 Bose L1 Model One and really liked them but when came time for repair they only wanted to take in on trade for a newer pair. So I sold them off along with 3 Bose Compacts and said NO THANKS GO TO HELL BOSE! This has a GREAT SOUND might even be better then Bose and only $600! I would recommend it to anyone who wants all in one PA system. I also want to say Thanks to Sweetwater again for Great Service ,Fast Shipping, and Easy to work with.

  • from Paul Gumerman
    March 24, 2016

    These things are COOL

    My wife and I run an open mic at Tom's Bullpen in Dover, DE every Wednesday night. We frequently have solos, duos, and even four to six piece bands show up to play. I drag out the small or medium PA system and setup mains plus three to four monitors. Even with the IQ series networking, that's a lot of cables and *stuff*. I bought one iP1000 to try, and then immediately ordered a second. It arrived Wednesday afternoon. I decided to jump in with both feet, and didn't even bring the trailer with the rest of the gear, just the XR12 with wireless receivers, two iP1000's, the DM10X kit and the (relatively) few cables needed. What an easy load-in and setup! Last night we had a four-piece band show up. Nobody complained about not being able to hear themselves, despite there being no monitors. I need to work a little harder EQing things for feedback suppression, but overall it went really well for a radically DIFFERENT kind of system on its first time out. This will absolutely be a fixture for open mic night as well as Trini's solo and duo shows. I'm thinking of also trying it upstairs in the great room to replace the Yorkville Unity 15P's that I have flown from the ceiling for our Cooldog Concert Series. Only downside right now is that they don't have the control app available for anything but CrApple devices. That's both stupid AND offensive. They need to get Android supported ASAP.

  • from Ray
    April 23, 2016

    Great Value

    I purchased two of iP1000's to use in our worship center that seats about 175, I like the idea of stereo sound so I ran l/r from the mixer left channel to one and the right channel to the other. It worked like a charm. The only draw back was that it was too much sound for the dimension of the room and where I had to place them (this in no fault of the iP 1000's). The singers were too close to the speakers and I had to keep the volume too low (again, no fault of the units). I loved them, my singers did not. So, I pulled them out the worship center and started using them for stage productions. They have been used for two different productions, four shows, and let me tell you...they rock! I just unpacked everything after using the iP's in a 750-1000 seat auditorium and they worked like a charm. I was running 8 mics and the backing tracks from a Behringer Xenyx QX2442USB to the iP 1000's. The speakers were 8-12 feet behind the actors/singers. The performers could hear clearly and from every seat in the auditorium, the audience could hear every whisper, every note, every song clearly and with the right volume. I love the bluetooth option, it allows for immediate control, if necessary. I have played with the bluetooth a little and it works just like it should. The iP 1000 is a great value and perform very, very well. They are worth looking into. The setup and tear down is a breeze.

  • from Jim
    May 09, 2016


    I play acoustic guitar and sing. I've owned a Fishman SA220 and a Bose L1 Compact and this one sounds better than both. It's not as compact as those others I mentioned but the price and sound make it a no brainer.

  • from Customer
    May 03, 2016


    Real simple. Far superior IN EVERY WAY to the brand that retails for $400 more and looks similar. Nice base response and very articulate through the sonic spectrum. The Bluetooth music streaming and/or adjustment of volume makes tweaking a breeze and convenient. If you are deciding between this and anything else that is a $1000 or less, look no further.

  • from Larry Wright
    June 20, 2016

    Great Keyboard Amp!

    I waited for this product (like everyone else!) but Wow!......really worth the wait!. I play my keys through the Inspire 1000. Warm and clean.....Easy set up. It's nice to buy something that! I previously used a Peavey KB300 and switched to a Beringher 15" 3 way amp......This is not nearly as back-breaking and a world apart as far as sound. I use it in a Blues Band as well as in the's at home in both venues. Buy the Turbosound cases.....padded and well worth the piece of mind!

  • from John
    May 26, 2016

    Love This System!

    I'm a stage hypnotist, so my needs are a little different than a lot of people. I need to carry a sound system with me as a backup, because I don't know how many times I've shown up to a venue and their sound system sucks. Carrying something around in my car to a gig, just in case, is a hassle. I was originally considering the Bose line array, but that was pricey for something that I would use primarily as a backup. I stumbled on the Turbosound, read the reviews, loved the price and took a chance. I used it for the first time last week in a high school gym, for a group of 1100 kids. This system filled the room with ample room to spare. It sounded incredible. Again, my needs are mostly for microphone and for background music, but I cranked this thing up and tested it limits to fill a huge gym and it blew me away. I used it again a couple of days ago in a movie theater where I did a show for a couple of hundred kids, it was fantastic. I love the Bluetooth. I can stand in the back of the room with my iPhone and adjust the system settings. The app could use a few improvements, but it's still good none the less. It's a great system. Really going to give other systems out some serious competition.

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