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High-Performance UHF True Diversity Wireless Microphone System with 320 Selectable Frequencies

  • High-performance UHF true diversity microphone system with 320 selectable frequencies for ultimate flexibility
  • True diversity technology and proprietary antenna design ensures exceptionally long range for greatest signal reliability and freedom of movement
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 20 wireless systems possible*
  • Ultra-wide audio bandwidth for highest signal integrity
  • High-performance IRC compander guarantees incredible dynamics and low noise
  • Excellent cardioid-pattern microphone perfect for vocal applications, featuring a Panasonic condenser transducer**
  • Transmitter features extremely long battery operating life of more than 12 hours with two 9 V batteries (not included)
  • Mute function and Low Battery indicator conveniently located on transmitter
  • Receiver utilizes proprietary scan function for microphone frequency location
  • Innovative transmission of status/control information such as mute and low battery
  • Auto-mute function automatically eliminates noise caused by switching channels or powering the transmitter on/off
  • 3 presets, each with 8 interference-free channels plus 1 additional user-preset with 8 freely definable channels
  • Lockout function to protect receiver settings against undesired changes
  • Color-coded strips for easy matching of multiple transmitter and receiver devices
  • Internal switch-mode power supply for maximum flexibility (100
    - 240 V~), noise-free audio, superior transient response all at the lowest possible power consumption levels for energy savings
  • Meets all requirements for professional equipment and complies with ETSI guidelines
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Designed and engineered in Germany
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The UL2000M UHF True Diversity Wireless Microphone provides all the premium features of a professional wireless mic system at a price easily within every working musician's budget.

Tune In, Turn On, Rock Out

No matter how much airtime around you is occupied, the UL2000M's receiver will take you to a free and clear UHF frequency for an interruption-free performance. This amazing system provides access to a total of 320 different frequencies, guaranteeing that no matter how crowded the airwaves get, there's always room for your voice. The user-friendly control menu is navigable via an illuminated LCD screen, making it easy to tweak even on the darkest of stages.

Excellent Sound, Outstanding Features

The UL2000M's microphone is built around a sonically transparent Panasonic transducer. Its tight cardioid pattern pickup captures the source signal in optimal clarity while shunning off-axis sound.

Meanwhile, plentiful features ensure the show goes on free of interruption. If you've ever tuned a car radio, you know a lot of unpleasant sound can occur before you find a desired frequency. Not so with the UL2000M's receiver! An auto-mute function automatically eliminates noise caused by switching channels, powering up or powering down. You also get a lockout function to protect receiver settings against undesired changes.

(Almost) Eternal Battery Life

The UL2000M's microphone is designed to use energy at a conservative pace. Two 9 V batteries (not included) can power the transmitter for more than 12 hours. A low battery indicator on the transmitter gives you plenty of notice of weakening batteries.

Wireless Networking

If the show calls for multiple wireless mic systems, you can run up to 20 UL2000M units without cross-interference. We've even included color-coded strips for easy matching of multiple transmitter and receiver devices.

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