ULTRA-G GI100 Reviews



Professional Battery/Phantom Powered DI-Box with Guitar Speaker Emulation

ULTRA-G GI100 Reviews

4.3/5.0 based on 60 customer reviews

  • from The Critic
    September 11, 2016

    Great for making Kemper profiles

    That's what I bought it for, and it does it swimmingly. Thumbs up. I make profiles of heads and cabs self-taught, sometimes, heads only. this unit gets that line signal nice and juicy to insure a great profile every time. I can't comment on any other functions, as I only use it as I stated above, but again, works fantastic four my use. Very transparent, no sound coloration. Does not require the battery out any external power for my needs.

  • from J. Cupple
    March 02, 2014


    I use this for recording at home through a Kustom Defender amp with one mic on the speaker going to a USB interface and the line from the ULTRA-G connected to the same Steinberg interface, then both feeding my laptop using Cubase as my DAW. Unit works very well with this combination. I'm happy with it.

  • from ExNomine
    June 29, 2016

    Essential part of silent recording rig

    Great sound, solid build, incredible price! I use this for silent recording with my tube amps. I go from my speaker out on my amp into this box, then i have a line to my console with a pretty convincing cab sim. Then I plug a 200w 8 ohm resister into the speaker output for a dummy load. *NEVER RUN A TUBE AMP WITHOUT A LOAD ON THE OUTPUT. I can get real tube amp tone, no digital modeling, in a silent room, perfect for apartment home recording. Don't get my wrong, I know the best tone comes from a good mic in front of a good cab, in a good room. Using this box eliminates all the variables of rooms and mic placement, and gives you a solid mic'd cab simulation, which is more than good enough. It sounds far superior to any digital cabinet simulations, unbelievable piece of gear, especially for the price.

  • from edmondsonsound
    August 02, 2013

    Great emulator

    This thing is a must if you are going straight out of a guitar pedal into a board. It really livens up the feel and tone. I've played at several venues that don't allow an amp on stage and this is as good as it gets with no cabinet. Important to know the emulator has a very low airy sound when the gain is turned way up so make sure your pedal is sending a strong signal to it and you won't have any trouble. Love this thing

  • from Amazon Customer
    October 09, 2014

    The Best Direct Box out there.

    I've used these before and that's why I order four more. The rubber corners was the smartest thing to add. I've dropped these (not on purpose) and they still work, thanks to some clever engineers! I can't wait to order more.

  • from DAMCV
    July 25, 2015

    This DI is perfect as I take the speaker out from the Twin ...

    I am using the Ultra-G GI100 with my Fender Twin Reverb (Siverface, '73) giving me the capability of recording my guitar through the Twin as if it were a preamp. This DI is perfect as I take the speaker out from the Twin into the input on the Ultra-G, pad it -20db, then plug the speaker cable into the Direct link out of the Ultra-G (which gives me the opportunity for some controlled feedback), then I take the balanced out from the Ultra-G into my mixing console for recording. By using the Ultra-G's virtual cabinet simulation I'm getting a very nice sound from the Fender that is clean. The sound is bright and clean with the simulation disengaged, and for some songs, its quite nice. But normally I'm using the simulation. I'm quite happy with the Ultra-G and recommend it if you want to record your tube amp without using a mic.

  • from Phteven
    July 23, 2014

    A must have for guitarists

    I use this in churches and gigs with the speaker emulator instead of a 4x12" cab. I pair it with an Orange Micro Terror and it sounds awesome. That's a super portable and cheap rig that sounds very good. Yes, you can do better with a "legit rig," but you spend 10 times the money and have to haul it all around for it. Awesome DI box and the cab simulator is worth the price. My bassist and I both use it.

  • from Clinton J. Reese
    June 19, 2016

    Wish I had bought this years ago.

    What an amazing DI box. I thought all DI''s were the same. Well, they're not. The cab simulator is a must have for guitarist. It sounds so warm, and noise free. Use an xlr cable and phantom power to power the unit. You never need batteries. Solid construction and color looks great as well.

  • from Jimmy
    December 16, 2013

    Works just great!

    Nice solid DI box for guitar. Seems reliable so far. Built in speaker sim is great though it can be a bit harsh in the upper mids if you dial your treble in too high. This thing easily competes with units costing many times it's price. If it broke (does'nt look like it will) I'd get another pretty quick.

  • from Mark King
    July 12, 2016


    This thing is great for recording rock guitar. You can plug the output of a guitar amp into it and get a decent mic'd tone. Keep in mind you still need a load on your amp which could be a speaker cabinet plugged into the thru jack on this direct box or a load or speaker plugged into another output jack on your amp. This DI box does not have a load in it like the Mesa Cab Clone does but I like the sound of the conditioned output better on this DI box so I loop through this DI box and then into the Cab Clone to load my amplifier properly. You can also use this box to get a good mic'd sound from a slave amp output on a Mesa tube guitar amplifier. Most Mesa slave outputs are not conditioned and sound overly bright if you connect it to a DI box. Not so with this DI when you engage the signal conditioning, you can get a very respectable direct sound using this DI box. I'm thinking about buying another one of these, it sounds great and is priced very right. Good music to all!

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