Audiophile 24-Bit/96 kHz A/D-D/A & Sample Rate Converter


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  • from Agim Perolli
    May 26, 2011

    Can't beat that price

    Like a swiss army knife of digital audio, the Behringer SRC2496 does a bunch of things, making it a handy addition to the component stack. Personally, I use it to upsample the digital output of a Logitech Squeezebox, sending the upsampled audio to the digital input of a Denon receiver. After noting the more-open, clear and easy-on-the-ears sound, I set about actually measuring the jitter in the final analog signal (not easy to do), and demonstrated to myself that the Behringer upsampling was, in fact, reducing the jitter, as claimed. And this was happening even when the output signal was set to the same sample rate as the input -- i.e., even with the added smoothness brought about by upsampling 16bit/44KHz to 24bit/96KHz. I think this function alone makes the Behringer a great value for the money. It also will convert analog to digital, which it does reasonably well (normal, non-audiophile types would say it does it *very* well). And it will convert digital to analog, which it also does reasonably well (good enough to act as the analog stage to feed the amp of a second zone system with satisfying results). It also will serve as a headphone amp, but probably no one will use it for this. I should mention that I am extremely picky about audio, and I am listening to all my digital music thru my Squeezebox/Behringer/Denon chain, ultimately hearing the results thru *very* resolving speakers driven by a quite high quality power amplifier. You will also find people who've modified the unit to produce better sound -- which is not something you'd want to take on -- but at least speaks to the quality of the core component that the unit is built around, which is the chip that implements the D/A (digital/analog) and A/D conversions. A good value.

  • from Corey340
    November 16, 2008

    And you call yourself and audiophile??

    For many years, I hung on to my Sumo Theorem DAC for it's ability to render high quality sound. Despite my collection of HT receivers with built-in DACs and sample rates up to 96khz (Sony, Panasonic, JVC), the Sumo beat them all soundly... until the SRC2496 took center stage. I've been both a musician (retired) and audioholic for over 30 years so I think I have a good grasp of what musical instruments actually sound like. The SRC2496 has the ability to reproduce musical instruments with incredible accuracy and is by far one of the best DACs I have ever listened through (not listened to) regardless of price. It takes itself out of the equation and with it's upsampling and reclocking features, the improvement is immediate and striking. It also allows you to compare the straight through digital signal to the reclocked signal with a couple of button presses. If your original recording is of poor quality, the SRC2496 isn't going to make it sound better but you WILL hear the flaws with greater clarity. Conversely, on a great recording, you will hear things that you didn't know were there before. Audiophiles would say that the 2496 is more analytical than musical in it's presentation but I'm not into the personification of equipment so I'll just say it's accurate and for some of you it might be accurate to a fault. Pro equipment generally gets a bad rap from Audiophiles but this is equipment for people who make music, not critique it. As for the reputation that Behringer equipment has in some circles, (I don't know how it got started), This is my second piece of Behringer electronics and so far, they have been among the finest pieces of technology I have ever owned (I just ordered a third Behringer product). The price is a bargain, the quality has been superb (yes, I opened them to take a look) and the performance is stellar. This review isn't aimed at the pros, it's aimed at the home user that wants a big upgrade without the big $$$. The 2496 is the price of dinner and a movie with your partner and brings digital quality almost to the level of top end vinyl (32-bit/192khz would put it on-par IMHO). If you're smart, stop reading my review and buy this thing if you don't mind having an chintzy (yeah, it has too many lights) box on the rack (I hid mine behind the rack) your ears will thank you.

  • from aly
    May 18, 2015

    Five Stars


  • from Brian
    June 17, 2016

    Five Stars

    Well Done!!!

  • from Hendra Budi Rachman
    September 17, 2014


    Ok, good stuff

  • from Valet
    March 27, 2013

    Sound is Awsome

    Bought this gear mainly becuase of the price but when I got it and started using it in my sessions I found that it is worth a lot more than it cost. This thing really sounds great. Converting from 96kHz down to 44.1 kHz through SPDIF the quality is outstanding. Well worth the money spent. One of the best peices of gear I have ever bought.

  • from more dbz
    December 13, 2011

    awesome product!!

    Really does the trick. I use it to convert from coax spdif to aes/ebu. It sounds great. I use the oversampling function 96k and it is creamy. Behringer has yet to let me down. I also use their deq2496 equalizer and cx3400 crossover. So stoked, my system sounds great.

  • from PMC
    February 20, 2016

    You Need Not Look Any Further For Your A/D Needs

    Always used this product, I work for some radio stations and I use this in my air chain, I have one that has been on-line for over 8 years now

  • from Romi
    August 16, 2016

    The Real Deal

    Upsampling capability combined with a superb Japanese DAC. Also able to convert analogue to digital for those wanting to archive their vinyl. Pair this with a competent used cd/dvd transport (plentiful and inexpensive online these days) and you have a stellar high end player for the cost of one of those overpriced 'magical' interconnects. An honest product with none of the pretensions of audiophilia. Highly recommended.

  • from Mr. B.
    September 14, 2015

    My Ultramatch SRC2496 rocks!

    I am a broadcast engineer in the Mobile alabama area. I recently ordered the Ultramatch SRC2496 to add to my audio chain at our AM radio site. The improvement was instantaneous. I'm using the AES digital input and feeding the output to our transmitter. Just adding this device improved our audio quality and gives me visual feedback with the built in meter. Love it!

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