Legacy Product


Professional 48/24-Channel Inline Mixing Console with Integrated Meterbridge

  • 24 additional Mix-B input channels, all with individual 2-band EQ, Level, Pan and Mute
  • Dedicated 4-band EQ with 2 semi-parametric Mid bands offering an extremely wide-swept range from 50 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Up to 6 Aux send busses, all switchable pre/post fader
  • 6 stereo Aux returns with multiple routing options
  • 8 subgroups simultaneously feed 16 multitrack outputs
  • Built-in meterbridge with meters for each channel, subgroup and Main mix, monitoring either the channel or Tape return signal
  • +15 dB gain available on all Aux sends and returns
  • Highest-quality, discrete-balanced Mic preamps with -20 dB pad, Low-cut and 48 V phantom power
  • Balanced Tape inputs/outputs, switchable for -10 dBV or +4 dBu operation
  • Channel, Group and Main mix insert points
  • 100 mm high-precision logarithmic, tapered faders with big console performance
  • Separate solo-in-place and PFL busses available
  • 2-track tape monitoring with multiple routing options
  • 2 separate headphone mixes and Talkback facility with built-in microphone
  • State-of-the-art op-amps for crystal clear audio performance
  • BNC connectors for 12 V gooseneck lights
  • Expander port providing universal 1/4'' link facilities to any other console
  • 400-Watt, external 19'' power supply with superior transient response
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Germany


Our largest console features 24 fully inline channels, each with an extensive MIC/LINE and a MIX B/TAPE RETURN path. The MIC/LINE path offers balanced mic and line inputs, an INVISIBLE MIC PREAMP, pad, inserts and a 4-band EQ with two semi-parametric mid-frequency bands, 15 dB of boost/attenuation plus low-cut filter. 6 aux sends are available (pre/post switchable in pairs), plus a pan pot, solo and mute functions, full routing options and 100-mm faders. The MIX B/tape return path features a dedicated 2-band shelving EQ, pan and level controls, mute function and access to aux sends 3 to 6.

The master section offers extensive routing and monitoring options plus control of the 8 group busses and stereo main bus. The precise LED meters can display A or B channel paths and various busses. All crucial inputs and outputs are balanced, and the entire console is based on our renowned ULN circuitry for crystal-clear, noise-free audio and musical sound. The external rack-mountable PSU ensures ample headroom and prevents interference.