Legacy Product


Digital Processor-Controlled 600-Watt 12" PA Speaker System with Integrated Mixer

  • High-power 600-Watt 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system with integrated mixer for live and playback applications
  • State-of-the-art 24-bit digital signal processor for ultimate system control:

  • - Digital crossover, phase and time correction for perfect driver alignment plus dual compressor/limiter for total system protection

  • - Digital noise gate, low-cut filter, 2-band EQ, dynamic Contour filter for ultimate sound reproduction
  • 2 ULN Mic/Line inputs with individual volume controls and peak LEDs
  • Extremely powerful 12" long-excursion driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power
  • State-of-the-art 1.75" titanium-diaphragm compression driver for exceptional high-frequency reproduction
  • Ultra-wide dispersion and large format exponential/conical horn with multi-cell aperture throat
  • Additional Line output enables linking of additional speaker systems
  • Versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning:

  • - Stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket

  • - Tilts on its side for use as a floor monitor
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for easy carrying and setup
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Designed and engineered in Germany

Your Man on the Inside

Is there a little tiny sound technician inside? Almost. If this were just a “dumb” powered loudspeaker, it would be one of the best you’ve ever heard. But we added smart digital processing that constantly adjusts the B412DSP’s sound as the music changes. It doesn’t matter whether you need a PA system for a heavy metal band, a church or a one-man show, you need a speaker that sounds as great at a whisper as it does when run full-out. The B412DSP is designed to handle a wide range of applications, with power to spare and the kind of fidelity typically only available from state-of-the-art studio monitors.

Digital processing is the audible B412DSP difference.

Lots of companies make “powered” speaker systems by simply strapping amps on the back of a conventional two-way speaker. They sound better than passive speakers. But they’re not taking advantage of 2008 digital technology. Until now, the few active systems that did use an internal digital “brain” for creating optimized sound were prohibitively expensive. Now the EUROLIVE B412DSP offers an intelligent solution at a price point that is unheard of in its class. The technology used in its design represents a major advancement in loudspeaker manufacture and performance.
How so?
First, digital eliminates the variables that result from conventional analog electronics: parts tolerances, changes in performance as the parts age, hard-to-solve audio problems such as phase linearity and crossover slopes. These variables literally make it impossible to consistently produce identical performance in every speaker — or the same speaker over its lifespan.
Second, digital vastly expands the signal processing capabilities that would require racks and racks of external analog equipment to achieve with a “dumb” active speaker.

A Pristine 24-bit/48kHz Digital Signal Path

From the instant the analog signal enters the B412DSP, the 24-bit digital processor takes over, ensuring the highest possible signal integrity — and we’re talking CLEAN. First, this internal computer does chores like assigning frequencies to the low and high frequency amplifiers far more elegantly and with less distortion than old analog crossovers ever could. Then it compensates for the inevitable non-linearities in transducer frequency response.
But much more than just selective EQ enhancement, the engine in the B412DSP analyzes the signal and intelligently applies specific filters to actually improve the sound quality depending on the bass content of the music and how loud you have it turned up. It’s like having a tiny sound guy inside each enclosure (with all the best gear), monitoring the input and output signals, dialing in the perfect EQ and constantly making subtle adjustments to the crossover, compressor/limiter and more.
This powerful 24-bit DSP circuitry takes all the guesswork out of running the system so you can concentrate on your performance. All these intelligent processes work together proactively behind-the-scenes, making the B412DSP the best-sounding 12" loudspeaker system on the market.

Slam the Gate on Noise.

The B412DSP is ultra-quiet. But that can’t be said of all of the sound through a mixer. Add a noisy computer sound output, a couple of microphones, a guitar with six stompboxes chained to it and your aunt’s antique cassette player and you going to hear…HISSSSSSSSsssssssssss. Once again, the remarkable digital processing inside the B412DSP comes to the rescue. Turn up its Noise Gate and hear background hiss disappear! The internal computer is analyzing the sound and selectively cutting out the hiss without compromising the music!

Instant PA System

With just a single B412DSP loudspeaker system and one or two dynamic microphones, you can set up an instant sound system. Connect microphones directly to the B412DSP via the built-in mixer section. Put the B412DSP on a table-top or speaker stand, and power up. It’s just that easy. And if you need more coverage, you can chain together as many as you like via the convenient Line Out XLR connector.
Now when you need a small PA, you can plug a microphone into the B412DSP right out-of-the-box and start the show. The rear panel of this speaker features inputs and level controls for two microphones or line-level sources such as MP3 players, audio from a DVD deck or a laptop computer.
There are also bass and treble master tone controls and an adjustable Low Cut filter to help eliminate annoying breath pops and mic handling noise. An additional filter, which we call Contour, allows you to select Speech (for enhanced voice intelligibility), or Music for the broader frequency range required for high-fidelity reproduction of music.
Put this all together and you have a mixer. Only you get it free built into the back of the B412DSP.