Legacy Product


Ultra-Flexible, Auto-Chromatic 2-Channel Tuner with Metronome and Integrated Racklight

  • Multi-functional tuner including built-in microphone for use with acoustic instruments
  • Useful metronome, adjustable from 30 to 240 bpm with audible and visual beat indicator. You can also work on-the-fly with the manual TAP tempo function
  • Integrated, switchable racklights with high-power LEDs for absolute control over your rack gear
  • 11 different tuner modes (e. g. "chromatic", "banjo" or open tunings) based on 12 equally tempered tones
  • Manual or automatic A-tone standard pitch calibration from 428 Hz to 452 Hz in 1-Hz increments, transposable by a maximum of ± 7 semitones for especially flexible tuning
  • Adjustable resolution of the LED bar (5 Cent/LED vs. 1 Cent/LED) enables precise tuning up to the cent, which allows for user-defined tuning systems
  • Two separate input channels accessible via front and back connectors (controllable via optional footswitch)
  • Additional 1/4'' TS output for metronome click/reference tone
    - perfect for monitoring and practice applications
  • True hardware bypass for highest signal integrity between input and output
  • Practical Mute function for direct signal muting during tuning (controllable via optional footswitch)
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Germany


A multi-functional, auto-chromatic digital tuner with a standard ¼ " TS input for electronic instruments and a built-in mic for acoustic instruments, the RACKTUNER BTR2000 also features a versatile metronome with sound output and visual feedback – plus integrated rack lights and much more. When you absolutely need to be in-tune, either in the studio or on the stage – nothing beats the professional-grade RACKTUNER BTR2000!

Tune Anything – In Perfect Time!

Whether you play guitar, bass, keys – or brass and woodwinds, the BTR2000 will tune any musical instrument in your arsenal to perfection! Press the Mode/Fine button to select from 11 unique tuning modes: Chromatic; Guitar; Bass; Baritone; Banjo; Ukulele; Open D; Open E; Open G; Open A and DADGAD. When playing with orchestras, the standard “A” pitch often varies; so the BTR2000 can be calibrated up to 12 Hz higher or lower than 440 Hz. You can tune by plugging directly into the BTR2000, using the built-in microphone for acoustic instruments or your amp‘s sound, or tune by ear to the reference tone.

But that’s not all – the BTR2000 is also a fully-adjustable metronome! Just press the Sound/ Metronome button, select your BPM (Beats per Minute) – then watch and listen as the BTR2000 keeps rock-solid time, both visually and acoustically.

The Ins and Outs

The front panel features a standard ¼ " Input jack for connecting your electronic instruments (guitar, bass, keys, etc.). With 2 available channels, you are free to tune two separate instruments via the ¼ " Input jacks on the back panel. Use the ¼ " Sound jack to output metronome and reference tone sounds to your amp or mixing board. The ¼ " Main jack can output the sounds generated by the BTR2000 and the instrument signal, or the instrument signal alone. The Mute and Select ¼ " jacks are for connecting footswitches, such as our A/B SWITCH AB200 or FS112 (not included). Depending on your footswitch capacity (single or double), you can use it to mute the Main output, toggle between Input 1 and Input 2/Mic inputs, or activate/deactivate the metronome.


Every musician should be have a highly accurate and dependable tuner. The BTR2000 provides extreme versatility, multiple operating functions, racklights and much more – at a price easily within any musician’s budget. Get “in tune” today at your nearest BEHRINGER dealer – or place your order online for the amazing RACKTUNER BTR2000. Your bandmates will thank you!

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