Legacy Product


Ultra-Flexible Modeling Amp/Multi-Effects Processor with Integrated Expression Pedal

  • 16 original V-AMP amp/speaker simulations, including a special acoustic simulation
  • High-resolution stereo multi-effects processor including first-class stomp box simulations, delay, wah wah, chorus, flanger, reverb, noise gate, compressor effects and many more
  • Freely assignable expression pedal for real-time control of effects or wah/volume control
  • Amp and cabinet simulation, compressor, noise gate, EQ, modulation effects, delay and reverb can be used simultaneously in any combination
  • Awesome modulation and pitch bend effects
  • Dedicated semi-parametric EQs for low-end and presence control
  • 9 different output configurations for utmost flexibility
  • 100 memory locations—easily editable and storable
  • 2 stereo TRS Line and Headphone outputs plus
  • Intuitive controls and comprehensive display for visual feedback during editing
  • Adjustable, super-precise auto-chromatic tuner
  • Power supply included
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Germany


If you’re hungry for the sound of full-tilt rock and roll through your choice of vintage guitar amps and effects pedals, get ready to fall in love with the X V-AMP LX1-X! Loaded with 16 classic amp models, with and without speaker cabinet simulation, an integrated expression pedal that taps deep into your very soul, and a full-fledged 24-bit high-resolution stereo multi-effects processor – the LX1-X will launch your guitar tone into the stratosphere.

More on the Floor

The X V-AMP is specifically designed for use on the floor – you can tell by the accelerator, uh... expression pedal, which provides real-time control over your FX, pitch bend, or you can use it as a volume or wah pedal. A virtual truckload of classic amplifiers are just waiting for you to bring them to life via the Up/ Down footswitches. In an instant, you can go from clean and chorused, to dirty and delayed – all at a mere tap of your foot!

Our FX Go to 11

The X V-AMP gives you 32 First-Class stomp box simulations in one neat package, that would otherwise really wreck you allowance, including a Compressor, Noise Gate, EQ, Modulation Effects, Delay, Reverb Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary Speaker and much more – plus you can use up to 11 of them simultaneously!

So Much Sound

You would be hard-pressed to find another virtual guitar amplifier with this much versatility, let alone one as affordable as the X V-AMP. This go-anywhere, do-anything wonder will leave you reeling in your own creativity. And you’ll have enough cash left over for the other stuff you’re gonna need on the road to stardom! Step on down to your BEHRINGER dealer, or get your X V-AMP LX1-X online today. The band?s waiting...

*Warranty details can be found at